Выберите какая установка Ajaxel CMS вам больше подходит:Выберите какая установка Ajaxel CMS вам больше подходит:

Last time Ajaxel CMS updated and uploaded: 04 Feb 2014
Since 16.09.2013 downloaded and installed: 173 times
Current version is: 6.7


EXE (107 Mb) - включает Ajaxel CMS + 8 шаблонов, CRM, Simple CMS, Denwer Apache Webserver, PHP, MySQL для Windows XP/Vista/7/8

- или -ZIP

RAR (44 Mb) - Ajaxel CMS с пустым шаблоном для закачки и установки на хостинге. Для разработчиков.

Hey, we've got something for quick engine upload to server!
Instead of hour uploading, now this will take 3-5 minutes, yep..)
Just upload above zip archive with Ajaxel CMS to your server...
and these 2 files, put in the root and then execute ./unzip.php
Download: unzip.php and filelist.txt

Пожалуйста пройдите этот опрос..Пожалуйста пройдите этот опрос..

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Problems were with file download, and now is fixed

Go ahead and download Ajaxel CMS rar archive now. Sorry for inconvenience for such a long time.. Problem found with wrong download headers in engine core, shall be cleaned.. Now all works. Thanx to one guy who informs me about this.

CMS update to 6.7

CMS update to 6.7
Numerous fixes, additional features, libraries updates..
Download and install today!

Ajaxel CMS updated to Ultra fast version 6.5

A lot of unnecessary functions were removed and from now Ajaxel takes half less memory! Pages are opening very quick!

Download and enjoy!

Website is updated

Website is updated

Ajaxel.com is updated by me today, took few beers and finished "him"))
I like it, do you?

Vidz to upload on youtube is left, the other things are completed i think.
Waiting your emotions in comments smile

Установи Ajaxel себе на десктоп!

Не круто ли? Вчера придумал!

From now on you can download our software and to use it on your computer offline. This software will install you webserver with Ajaxel demonstrations. There are numerous great features for web and development.


Ajaxel теперь ещё круче!

Ajaxel теперь ещё круче!

Hello everybody! We are glad to inform you that Ajaxel will never be stopped! We continue working on this project almost every day! Adding and adding new cool features, fixing and re-thinking solutions, moving with new technologies and having a great pleasure from it.

So, please download, try and see how Ajaxel is built! We made most files opensource, included 5 free templates to use!

Приветствую тебя странник на нашем новом сайте!

Well, finally we get more free time and desicion to create this website to promote the Ajaxel CMS. We had many different designs before, but they were not as good as this one.

I hope you like it smile
Leave your comments.. Thanks!

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