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Last time Ajaxel CMS updated and uploaded: 27th July 2015
Since 16.09.2013 downloaded: 272 times
Current version is: 7.2


EXE (98.4 Mb) - contains Ajaxel CMS v7.2 + 8 templates, CRM, Simple CMS, Apache Webserver, PHP, MySQL
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ZIP (28.8 Mb) - Ajaxel CMS v7.2 with blank template for uploading and installing on hosting. For developers or if you've got Ajaxel template.

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  • 1. Ajaxel CMS v7.0

    Ajaxel has a lot of great features, it can be used for any kind of web project as framework and/or content management system. All included with support!

  • 2. CRM tasks, calendar, clients list

    Customer relationship manager is build-in to Ajaxel program that looks like an excel sheet. Allows you to store database of your clients and to manage them quickly.

  • 3. Web development

    We always work with our clients and we glad to help others. If you need anything, just let us know.. Prices are usual. We can easily transfer your picture for web html.

Ajaxel - Ajaxified content management system and framework

Ajaxel(AJAX element) is the fast and convenient desktop user friendly CMS. With this CMS you will be able to create website, CRM, intranet or another big or small online project. Why is it so good? The answer lies in a rapid change in the site through the windows desktop, double click on the shortcut menu and enable the web master to add or edit content quickly and conveniently. Contains a lot of modules and convenient structure, user-friendly links, not only looks beautiful on the outside but inside that makes the system pleasant for programmers.

If you are looking for a one-stop, easy-to-use user freindly and feature packed CMS that lets you setup and start running in under an hour, the Ajaxel is it! No matter who you are, you don't need to pay huge sums of money to a developer, graphic designer or other IT professionals. With Ajaxel, you can do everything yourself, quickly and easily and still look professional! If you have already done so, download a copy of Ajaxel today and try it out!

Ajaxel CMS and CRM particular qualities

Spend less time by adding content on your websiteFull in AJAX, desktop alike with windows, fast to surf between pages to edit content and design even from public site using mouse clicks, hotkeys and context menus. Language phrases, variables, entries, menus, grids and all modules - are easy editable from public area also, edit whatever you see on page quickly!
Add using rich text editor (WYSIWYG) file browserMicrosoft Word alike editor makes easy you to add new stylish content with images for your website. This feature has a spellchecker and image upload which is installed in admin panel with several modules and on public site for quick-editing
Configurable website design and admin panel alsoDynamic backend for any website's and clients needs, fast and easy to create new desired modules and additional features. Simple admin panel: only buttons and fields there, small amount, just the most important ones
Log tracking, see who what edited and revert if in caseEverything what admins/moderators do is being logged in system and you may restore the data to previous versions anytime when needed
Data structure for all casesLanguages, currencies, modules, categories, grids, content, templates, domains, databases. There is also a good possibility to have different templates but same database or/and different admin panels per template
Extra features already built in Ajaxel CMS, no plugins neededInstant messaging chat as in facebook included, calendar (day/month/year preview), polls, artificial intelligence for answering to user's questions, mass emailing with continuation possibility, database huge data backup/restore with same continuation possibility.
Dynamic data in your content Using snippets you are able to add dynamic data inside your texts, smiles are being converted, youtube videos, code highlighting, comments and IM messages are being converted from BBcode and etc..
Make a simple online shopSell your products using our CMS. Products adding, shopping cart, orders, PDF invoices, online payments, orders lists - everything is included for selling on web.
Full statistics, almost same as google analytics!You will be always informed how your website is visible on the internet, what people come, which keywords, how much time they have spend on your website, how many clicks they did, what they click usually with charts and so on..
Tested CMS and highly secured from hack-attemptsHigh protection for all bad user inputs, antispam feature with antiwords filtering and captcha-s. You can speep easy while your website is running under Ajaxel CMS!

Video presentation / tutorials - coming soon

Ajaxel CMS v7.0 + 8 templates + CRM + Apache WebServer

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Websites that are running under Ajaxel CMS / the portfolioWebsites that are running under Ajaxel CMS / the portfolio