Ajaxel content management system and framework

Ajaxel content management system v9.1 and framework

Very simple ajaxified CMS and framework for any project needs. Edit your website content from backend or front end. Try and see how good this stuff is!

Ajaxel intranet system

Ajaxel orders intranet system

List of new incoming orders (from remote websites) with possibility to send mass E-mails with generated PDF attachments and SMS-es. Changing statuses, saving answers and others. Comes with Ajaxel CMS

Ajaxel live slot-machine game

Ajaxel live slot-machine game

Check this game, see how cool this is) 5x3 board to spin for win. Nice animations, playing music, bonuses, winner lists. Possible to make own icons, lines and prizes... Comes with Ajaxel CMS. Also, I have online poker game coming.

Timemonkey - efficient time management web based software

TimeMonkey - Efficient time management web-based

Think positive, save ideas, save thoughts, manage you tasks and control your calendar. Export calendar to your web site!

Ajaxel customer relationship manager

PollExpert - Professional survey web-based

Create your individual, corporate-, secure- or step-by-step online poll. You don't need to be an IT expert. Export results to excel.

Ajaxel customer relationship manager

Any other flying website with Ajaxel CMS. Development

Create your own desired project with help of Ajaxel Studio!

Scripts: What Can Ajaxel Be Used For?

What Can Ajaxel Be Used For?

Okay, so you've discovered Ajaxel, it looks great and you just have to use it, but what can tyou use it for? In reality, you can use it for almost any kind of web site, from a personal blog to a business or e-commerce web site. The applications are as varied as your imagination. If you need a web site that's easy to setup and use, looks professional, is search engine friendly and can earn you money too, then Ajaxel is your best solution - much more flexible that Joomla, Drupal or WordPress!

Here are some ways you can use Ajaxel to setup a professional website.

1. Business Website

You need a professional website that reflects your business brand online in a user-friendly, attractive and income generating way. Forget about stiff, box-like CMS software like Joomla and Drupal. Ajaxel's flexibility will allow you to set up a website that is more than just an "online brochure" like so many websites out there.

Your website should draw your customers and prospects in, involve them and leave them feeling like they have gained something from the visit. With Ajaxel this is possible. Setup a complete online visitors center where your customers can participate by browsing through your product and/or services catalogue, leave feed back, make comments and suggestions and place orders. isn't that much better than a simple brochure website?

Convert prospects into customers, customers into loyal buyers and staff into passionate supporters. With a world-class, professional package like Ajaxel, it really is possible!

2. E-commerce Solution

You could install osCommerce, Opencart or any other opensource ecommerce solution, then buy a nice template for $69 and pay a webhost or developer to install it for you, OR you could just install Ajaxel!

Ajaxel has everything you need right out of the box. It can even display banner advertisements from sponsors, suppliers or announcing your specials! Need to interact with your customers? No problem, use private messaging and set your customer's mind at ease with fast replies to product queries, shipping questions and even compliments.

3. Portfolio or Personal Blogging Site

Are you a photographer or a professional blogger? Don't waste your time with Blogger or installing WordPress and then trying to make it fit! With Ajaxel you can easily create posts, attach photos, videos and MP3s in minutes! present a professional image, restrict access to members and more. You could even sell your photos or access to your web site!

4. Niche Websites

Are you a Real Estate Agent? You don't need Open-Realty when you have Ajaxel! Publish your rental properties and properties for sale quickly and easily with Ajaxel. You can even show videos of featured properties to prospective buyers. Let your web site work for you, even as you sleep. Answer queries quickly and setup appointments with your clients using simple forms.

Set up an education or home-schooling web site, church web sites, restuarant or theatre websites and band websites. The limits are few and the possibilities are as broad as your imaginiation.

If you haven't tried it out yet, download your copy of Ajaxel today and get started right away!

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