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Last time Ajaxel CMS updated and uploaded: 27th July 2015
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Current version is: 7.2


EXE (98.4 Mb) - contains Ajaxel CMS v7.2 + 8 templates, CRM, Simple CMS, Apache Webserver, PHP, MySQL
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ZIP (28.8 Mb) - Ajaxel CMS v7.2 with blank template for uploading and installing on hosting. For developers or if you've got Ajaxel template.

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How to get Ajaxel's website

Usually I don't sell my CMS just like this, there is no documentation for it,, sorry. Many people are afraid to understand other programmer's code.. (doesn't matter how beautiful this is) The brief documentation is coming soon. This CMS is just simple.. once you go to admin panel and click few links, you find all answers yourself..

I am happy to use my CMS to build websites for you for the price we agree. Or if you want just a permanent license with lifetime support and free hosting then buy it for 25€

Without the license Ajaxel CMS on server works for 30 days. Permanent license per domain with lifetime updates valued to 25€. License key can be given for free to non-commercial businesses. Contact to author for this key and payment details if you willing to purchase.

We offer you free unlimited hosting on wish, our DNS: 

 Our CMS is available open source if necessary. It works with your current site template and does not have content management, but framework. For your future, if project becomes profitable and you wish many programmers to work on it.

All what you need is an idea and to find a brilliant design,  the rest is my job. :)

Fill out the next form and attach your design files, technical information if any, to order the fastest and most user friendly website with Ajaxel content management system!

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